Website Development

Our President and Administrator have been very patient with this web site development project.

This relatively simple project has been hampered by an incredibly hectic year, although a lot has gone on behind the scenes not much visible progress had been made untill now. This development project has been given a boost and I hope to complete this list soon.

This is a list of items we are currently working on for final editions before upload/activation:

Masonic Stamp Club of New York

Area Item Description
Contact Contact Links Automation and contact form implementation.
Archives Database This will house all newsletter content and graphics in a searchable and reusable format.
Library Graphics Add collection of masonic graphics.
Archives Content Add MP Issue article index
Universal Operations Formatting and code revisions for responsive design and updates automation.
Universal All Review: Sweep code for errors: formatting, grammar/speelin (joke), links etc.
News Future Add news feeds and implement administrators.
Members Future Add Website membership and content submission form.
Universal All Review comments, suggestions and content submissions (as received)


Similar web development projects are also underway for the George Washington Masonic Stamp Club and the Masonic Study Unit (Philatelic Freemason)


Masonic Philatelist
Newsletter Issues

Issues of the Masonic Philatelist from 1944 to 2016.

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Masonic Philatelist

An index of the feature articles from our newsletter.

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The Final Word

The Last Article in the Last Issue of
The Masonic Philatelist

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