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New Developments for the MSC of NY!

We are pleased to have Brother Jeffrey Coney assume control of the MSCNY website and continue the great work by MSCNY members over some 80 years. Masonic Philately is a wonderful hobby and all Freemasons can be proud of the astounding contributions famous Masons have made in all disciplines of life. Their depiction on, or association with, postage stamps is a continual reminder of the significant part Freemasonry has played in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and other countries where the Masonic Order is prevalent.
We send our Fraternal best wishes to all and look forward to working with Brother Coney.

Christopher L. Murphy, BF (President, MSCNY)
Michael Bronner, PhD (MSCNY Administrator)

March 1, 2018

_________________________________________________________________________________ Acacia

Please pardon the stone dust and rubble while we make major changes to this website. 
As we make changes, some content and features may appear, disappear or be inoperative for short periods. This is just a temporary effect as we transition to new hosting, technologies, and features!  Everything that was on the site will return, and more!
The basic site has been uploaded and new material is being prepared, so please check back often! We have great things planned... - Jeff Coney

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A treasure trove of our perodicals, articles, first day covers, event and presidential inauguration day covers, and a few perodicals of other clubs.


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Masonic Philatelist

The Masonic Philatelist

Have you checked out the archive of Club Publicaitons yet?
We've just added another 45 issues of the Masonic Philatelist for a total of 397 (so far).

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MSCNY Covers

We've recently added photos and scans of MSCNY first day, Inauguration and event covers. We're looking for help.

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The Masonic Stamp Club of New York is now Mobile Ready! You can view the site on mobile devices with ease now.

George Washington Masonic Stamp Club website


The George Washington Masonic Stamp Club also has a new home on the Internet!

Masonic Study Unit Website

The Masonic Study Unit (ATA)

The Masonic Study Unit's new home also offers an archive of their publications.

Coney's Stamps Website

Coney's Stamps

A shameless plug for my website, which is also being completed and made mobile ready!